Online Learning Communities

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We decide what we can learn from this Crisis. Through conscious virtual learning, we can generate a sustainable way of creating knowledge, communities and measurable impact.

Service/ Improve the way you generate virtual learning communities, through online seminars, conferences, and lessons.

Our Purpose:

We believe in exploring new ways of connecting and sharing knowledge. As this crisis completely changes the way we teach and learn, we must adapt. No one should be left behind as we gain the knowledge and capacity to move to a better future.

Why Online Learning Communities?

With this service you will be able to create a meaningful online learning community. We offer an online learning platform, digital content depository, tools for impact measurement, and improved networking experience for the learners. Meaningful Online Experiences is a dynamic way of sharing your knowledge and experience.

What is included?

1. Networking

Generate motivation in a learning community by connecting to your audience in a more meaningful way. Using Slack and features like the Hallway app, you can create casual and spontaneous encounters to inspire the community.

2. Learning Platform

With our platforms, online content can be made available anytime and anywhere to the learning communities by using a Mobile App. In the Learning Platform you can generate guides, evaluations, forums and private or group workspaces.

3. Video Conferences 2.0

With our facilitators, you can achieve better video conferencing experiences. We prepare online icebreakers, live knowledge management techniques, such as online dashboards, and support to motivate Learning Communities to continue conversations on the platforms.

4. Measure measure measure!

Have a sight of the learning process, evaluate the outcomes of online calls, and set a concise and coherent Theory of Change to measure your purpose’s fulfillment.

Our Experience

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